The Wonder Room for One

Historical Protest Sites

Locations Various

Melbourne, 3000, AU


Wood, treadmill, poly-carbonate sheeting, analog audio, electronics

220 x 800 x 210cm

Courtesy the artists

Wonder Room for One is an echo chamber. It celebrates the irreverent histories of Melbourne. A mobile museum cabinet over 2019/2020 appears at the sites and on the dates of which important protests have taken place. From the Invasion Day Rally to the Vietnam Moratorium, Occupy Melbourne and other important protests the work invites people to step into it, and onto a treadmill. As they walk inside the cabinet they come to understand that the speed and volume of the sounds they hear are influenced by their pace – so as they listen to the critical sounds of the collective (drawn from the archive), they are individually affected like the protesters of yesteryear with one important difference, they do it alone.

Wonder Room for One

Installation recording, sites various, 2019-2020