Lost Objects

Counihan Gallery

233 Sydney Road

Brunswick, VIC, 3056, AU

6 May – 29 May, 2016

Furniture, plywood, timber, sensors, motors, digital animation, control gear, CRT monitor
240 x 240 x 240 cm


Lost Objects emphasises the impact objects have on our body in movement, spatial conditioning, cultural narratives and memory. Breathing new life into mundane household objects, Lost Objects calls into question our relationship to objects and at a political level, the notion of ourselves as ‘domesticated citizens’. Beginning with a familiar scene - a grouping of old furniture and appliances inside a room - domestic objects are brought to life, animating themselves in response to audience interaction though a series of images, servos, sensors and programming technologies. The objects in the mundane lounge room setting (based on the lounge room the artists shared as housemates) harkens back to 2001 – when our asylum seeker crisis was politicized by the Howard government. As the television plays archival footage of objects being thrown during riots at Australia’s detention centres, the audience, sitting in the rows of chairs activates activate the objects to shudder, as if they’re in an earthquake. At the same time the seats they are sitting on begin shake.